Quality Is Not Inspected. It’s Built.

Quality Is Not Inspected. It’s Built.



This statement captures the heart of the 630 Aerospace commitment to quality and to our customers.  It reflects our belief that inspecting for quality compliance is the end of a rigorous process that assures quality is built in from the beginning -- from the concept and design stage, right through production and final test.

Our Quality Culture relies on the latest technology, extensive training to ensure we have the most up-to-date talent on our team, and the right tools for the job, whether it’s sophisticated testing capabilities, advanced DER programs or industry-best repair services.

We work continuously to earn our recognition as an approved US Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency Certified Repair Station.  The result is an emphasis on quality that creates value for our customers well beyond the repair services we provide. To learn more about our Quality programs, reach out to us at  630CustomerService@630Aerospace.com.

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